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In our extensive product range, we offer customized, efficient solutions for a wide range of application areas.

Automotive Industry


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Our Satisfied Customers Say

Our jointly developed reflow soldering oven and accompanying materials have significantly contributed to reducing our production line defect costs. We appreciate Cuies Ltd.’s innovative ideas and partnership approach.

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Andras Erdelyi | Technical Functions

Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft.

Throughout our nearly 10-year collaboration, our work together has been consistently precise and swift. Communication with so few partners goes as smoothly as it does with you.

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Herbst Máté | commercial manager

Gép-Coop Kft.

Why Choose Us Over Others

Thanks to our nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience and globally extensive supplier network, we can respond rapidly and efficiently to the genuine needs of our customers. The most critical value in our processes is customer-centricity. We always strive to provide exactly what and how much our customer requires, which is why we can offer our products with outstanding value for the price.

Global Supply Chain

Our globally extensive supplier relationships enable uninterrupted service, even during challenging times!


The exceptional expertise and experience of our team greatly contribute to ensuring that our customers consistently select the right product for their specific needs.

Optimized Manufacturing

Thanks to our in-house developed manufacturing machines and processes, we can quickly adapt to unique requirements, even for smaller quantities.

Continuous Stock Availability

Our standard products are consistently available, and for custom products, we establish regular stock within a few weeks following the initial order.

Long-term Support

Our support for customers doesn't end after the first purchase! Our partners can reach out to us at any time with professional inquiries or new requirements!


We provide delivery services for our products to both EU and Non-EU countires.

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The following values are of utmost importance to us:

In contrast, our competitors prioritize these aspects...

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