Stencil wipers for request

For the electronics industry rolls of wipes for automatic cleaning of the underside of the stencil plate which are used in solder paste printing machines.

Our company is able to supply rolls of wipes both in standard size and as per customer requested sizes.


Why would you use more wipes than you need? At your request we produce the right sized roll of stencil wipes.


Please enter your specification according to the illustration on your left, and we will make the suitable wiper for your needs.

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The wipes are made of Sontara® raw material

The Sontara® is the combination of the finest non-woven synthetic paper and woven fabric. It removes solder paste, flux, ink, epoxy between printings. By cleaning with stencil wiper we can prevent smudging, bridging, and a number of other problems that may arise during the screen printing. This almost lint free, strong material with good absorption features, can be used with or without a solvent.