Polytex® wipes

100% polypropylene, highly absorbent, solvent-resistant, lint free, for universal use.

Due to its blue colour it makes the moisture clearly visible on the cloth. It is used for surface cleaning before painting. It is perfect to clean large areas quickly and lint free.


It is called silicone-relief or star embossed cloth as well.

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Polytex® wipes

7164 | Polytex®blue, 75 g / m232 cm × 38 cm Ø 34 cm500 sheets / roll, 1 roll / pack
7165 | Polytex®blue, 75 g / m240 cm × 42 cm35 sheets / pack, 12 packs / carton
7166 | Polytex®blue, 75 g / m226,5 cm × 42 cm50 sheets / pack, 10 packs / carton

Wiper Bowl® Polytex®

The wipe is the modern means of on-site, rapid cleaning without liquid. Only one wipe is sufficient to wipe the surface to be cleaned.

The ZVG CLEANER is a Polytex® soaked with very strong (non-alcoholic) cleaning solution that is perfect for industrial and domestic use. It easily removes contaminations caused by oil, grease, tar, glue, fresh paint, printing ink, ink, felt-tip.  It has pleasant scent, does not leave stains.


Sheet size: 25 x 25 cm

Packing: 72 sheets/bowl

Universal cleaning with orange oil

The liquid detergent concentrate results in perfect cleaning with the power of natural orange.

  • can be used universally
  • resolve the most serious contamination
  • Cleans into the pores
  • eliminates odors
  • can be used undiluted for strong contaminations and diluted forms for universal cleaning
  • economical in use

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