Pleasant orange-lemon scent.
Rub your hands, then rinse with water.
Extraordinary cleaning effect.
Pleasant, soft touch to the skin.

Due to the content of skin protecting lanolin it is recommended for hand-washing several times a day.


The frequent use of Pevastar® hand cleaning paste provides better protection for the skin to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of dry skin or eczema. The content of lanolin protects the skin not only when hand-washing, but also helps during work.


It does not contain silicon, it is also used in places where foreign substances are not allowed to get on the work surface. Eg. In preparation for painting, surface treatment, etc.


As lanolin saturates the skin pleats less contamination can be absorbed in our skin. In the following hand-washing the dirt will separate from the skin surface more easily.


It does not cause clogging in the drainage system!

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2006Paste-like handcream with lemon-orange fragrance10 Liter pail
2011Paste-like handcream with lemon-orange fragrance3 Liters / can, 6 cans / carton